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Poem - Going to Fairyglen

This poem is about a magical place at which I attended many family gatherings.

Going To Fairyglen
Poem for Day 051 – 20141113

I'm going to Fairyglen,
that Eden in the South.
I'm going to relive the past,
the time of almost youth.

I attended most frequent,
with the wheel turning to mark time.
We paid deific attention
in circles self spun.

I was greeted by Shy,
and daughter Bess.
Two lovable dogs most happy
owned by the beer making Shaggy.

I sold books by day,
and played the flute by night.
The drums were a background beat
until the end of twilight.

Timekeeper played the tunes
during the hushed nighttime hours.
In the hidden shadow of Grandfather tree,
House of the Rising Sun was sung.

Later we walked to the Fairyglen,
dodging horse patties in the moonlight.
The rambling stream beckoned below
for a discrete joined midnight swim.

I'm going to Fairyglen,
home of the Indian ghost riders.
Long absent, I am a spirit there now
at a place in my heart most sacred.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: fairyglen, gathering, poem

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