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Poem - Swing of Hamelin

Poems are inspired from the smallest things. I attended the local Lindy Swing event at the kind invitation of a regular attendee. I didn't get to speak to him much, but there was a good reason! He said “I hear the music come on and find myself moving with it in a heartbeat! “. I so know that feeling! That got me thinking about involuntary actions, and the Pied Piper came to mind. The result is the poem “Swing of Hamelin”.

Swing of Hamelin
Poem for Day 052 – 20141114

We are all children of Hamelin,
drawn to the song of the swing.
The piper's vocals are sublime.
He invokes the siren call of the treble
and beacons with the beat of the base.

Sunrise Serenade will pull us in!
Glenn Miller is the band leader.
A sweet slow beat will move the feet.
The spins come easy as we glide
and the feet move to the lilting meter.

Let's take the beat up a bit,
Sweet Georgia Brown got the catch
that moves the feet in triple rhythm.
From the back step I'll pass you behind the back.
and finish it with a twirl to the right.

The Lady will be Good.
The Count will make us swing delight.
Hands in the air as we move apart,
ready to triple step into quick swing,
you close to me, and then out again.

Tangerine makes me cry,
Jimmy Dorsey's sounds make me weep,
as my heart belongs to swing.
Let's keep this one close, feet just apart,
as that swing piper works his black art.

The Moonrise Serenade ends the night.
Glenn Miller plays again.
I'll hold you close in a musical embrace.
Our feet will move, hands will hold,
while swing sounds in the town of Hamelin.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem, swing

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