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Poem - Write You a Song

One of my aspirations is to write song lyrics as powerful as those I find in my favorite tunes. I am drawn to the lyrics of The Cure and Depeche Mode. They speak to life's shadows cast from the light of the world. Life's objects that make the shadows fascinate me. As the poem “Write You a Song” expresses, I suspect I am drawn more to the dark side, but I am buoyed by an underlying belief in the light side of the world.

Write You a Song
Poem for Day 053 – 20141115

I'd love to write you a song,
it would be a mixed as I tend to be.
There would be enough light
to keep you from running from the dark.

My inspirations are varied.
Yes would combine with Simon and Garfunkel.
These would be the lighter side.
Gentle ballads speak to the human condition.

The dark would be from the 80s.
The Cure and Depeche Mode cut life to the core.
Bleed the pained misery.
Mix it with the life's ironic casualties.

I'd love to express a lifetime,
lived on the edge of the light and the dark.
I could show you my cold soul
while I dazzled you with my lurid dreams.

Hope would be the out there,
holding life in a desperate embrace.
We are only human they say,
capable of the greater things in life unseen.

I'd love to write you a song
of life and love and pain and god and shame.
It would share my vision with you,
and we would own the dark and embrace the light.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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