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Poem - Art Your Lover

I had a day so full of work type stuff. I even worked through lunch, and this left no time to come up with a poem idea. I thought about how “life” can push out art. Sadly, this can become a habit and art is left behind. I started out the poem “Art Your Lover” with the idea that some days are too much for art. I struggled to build a poetic story in an alternating five syllable / ten syllable structure. The result is a poem about art as a lover that is tightly embraced and promoted. In the end the original complaints are still there, but the art is now part of the picture.

Art Your Lover
Poem for Day 055 – 20141117

Some days are too much.
Your lover so very much out of touch.
Routine is all you get,
no time to display your artistic pageant.
Why must you suffer?
How can your follow your absent lover?

Just enslave yourself,
make that lover your harsh task master.
Strive to be great,
and know that you will make many mistakes.
Create your great art.
Make your lover the only thing in your heart.

Live your art with pride.
Ensure that you and the world will collide.
Your lover is all.
She rests in your hands, ready to be extolled.
Speak for your art.
Give it a voice loud enough to share your heart.

Some days are too much.
Your lover will be there with its soothing touch.
Routine is all you get,
the journey will hit the desired target.
Why must you suffer?
Art is your lover, all else is deferred.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: art, love, poem

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