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Poem - As Usual

To me there is nothing sadder than to hear a political “discussion”. I swear, the tenor of normally sane people becomes shrill when they speak of politics. Everyone seems to be in victim mentality. Nobody other than your group can be trusted, and even they bear a close watch. If there is anything that would nudge me to leave this world early, it would be the political environment. You guys can keep the big stinking mess. Oh… I did vote!

As Usual
Poem for Day 057 – 20141119

I am so very different from you
says one political animal to another.
We are on opposite sides my brother,
and I've got this news for you.

I have mandate, you have an agenda.
I have guiding principles, you have ulterior motives.
I have a grasp of the facts, you only spout rhetoric.
A guiding compass steers me, you are controlled by shadow forces.

It is so sad how you operate.
I'd quit now if I were you!
There is nothing more to debate.
You've lost battle and now you're screwed.

I have principles, you have deceptions.
I have values, you have immorality.
I have culture, you have corruption.
I have character, you have stereotype.

Even our worst is better than your best.
Our principles will compensate for all our faults.
We do wrong, but our path is blessed.
You do wrong, only because it your default.

I am devoted, you are fanatical.
I have tradition, you have the same tired ideas.
I am innovative, you are a radical.
I speak the truth, you speak broken promises.

I am so glad we've got this straight.
Our feelings toward each other are mutual.
Our actions clearly annunciate.
It's all politics as usual.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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