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Poem - Heat Lightning

Most of my poems about dance could be about sex, or relationships, or sex. This time around I present a poem that seems to be about sex, but it is really about dance. Hmmm…

Heat Lightning
Poem for Day 058 – 20141120

You blaze my heart,
and light my life.
Heat lighting strikes,
my desire is will rise.
I hold you in my arms,
finally we are together.
I'll not take another.
You're my perfect storm.

We've got this groove.
Dancing is our mute kiss.
Something is wonderfully amiss.
This can only improve.
Take my embrace,
share my smooth moves,
we've nothing to prove,
as we dance this sweet space.

No rain on our head.
We make our own showers.
You are the petal flowers,
into your arms I head.
Reflect my passion,
share my devotion,
keep us in motion,
with this mutual attraction.

As you flash across my sky,
It will be fast,
but we’ll make it last,
cause it will soon be goodbye.
One more look in your eyes,
One more pull on my heart.
Now we must depart,
my heat lightning in disguise.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem, swing

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