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Poem - The Girl is Back

A wonderful friend who I think the highest of is coming into town for the holidays. I wrote a poem to celebrate the occasion!

The Girl is Back
Bonus Poem for Day 058 – 20141120

The lovely girl has come back,
It's going to make me smile,
she's been gone far far too long,
but now she's back in this town.
Shout the joy, greet her with hugs.

Could I say why I missed her?
Would I start with her beauty,
or say she is most divine?
I will say she is graceful
with a heart and soul sublime.

The Windy City held her,
was schooling in its cold grasp.
She was too far far apart
and now she'll be back again!
Shout the joy, greet her with hugs.

We'll dance in celebration,
perhaps a contra or waltz.
A swing dance would be quite nice,
as long as you are in arms,
During this visit too short.

The lovely girl has come back,
It is time to meet and dance.
Let's cut the rug together,
and make the most of this time.
Shout the joy, greet her with hugs.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: beauty, dance, friend, return

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