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Poem - You Human

I have my own set of experiences. For good, bad, or ugly, they color my understanding the world. There are others in the world with incredibly different life experiences. These differences can come in the form of age, race, religion, community, or society. Sometimes there are more differences than similarities between myself and the people I encounter. While we call this normal, this gives me zero permission to make harsh assumptions about their life. Too often human kind reacts in fear to the unknown, and this reaction extends to other people. The fear presents dark visions instead of bright possibilities. Diversity becomes danger. Wisdom becomes madness. Why? Ah! That is grist for another poem. Now it is enough to state that fear or righteousness are not the vehicle for reconciling our life experiences with another person's.

You Human
Bonus Poem for Day 060 – 20141122

Through the hazy window
I see your world in shadow.
I see only the maligned,
little do I know of your kind.
I see you as less than human.
Lack of empathy is illusion.
You have the tears of joy,
you have the scars of pain.

Can I understand your way
within the breadth of my Lord's Day?
Moral high ground laid low,
poor substitute for knowing.
I cannot speak honestly,
I have no authority.
An intellectual slum,
to speak would show me dumb.

A disconnect exists here,
Your way of life is what I fear.
Can I live your private life,
if I only see there strife?
Please forgive my ignorance,
my fear is the hindrance.
You deserve recognition,
this has become my mission.

No more this war of hate,
the discord must abate.
My own I must defy,
you are as human as I.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: human, separation, understanding

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