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Poem - You Are Not

We meet people in life who have an eerie semblance to people of the our pasts. Those who resemble departed loves are a bittersweet vision, as they instantly trigger an echo of desire, while reminding us of our loss. The poem “You Are Not” is about a man who sees a woman who very much reminds him of a past love, and speaks to the inner turmoil of the encounter.

You Are Not
Poem for Day 061 – 20141123

I think I see a ghost,
a specter of the past,
here in the present,
of somebody I loved the most.
She haunts my thoughts,
a touch from the departed.
I see a rendered simile
of somebody I miss the most.

You have her face,
her eyes and her mouth.
You are her body double
from memories not erased.
This vision is out of place:
duplication of one lost.
You are an apparition of the past,
from memories not erased.

I turn away, shade haunt me not.
My love is gone, passed beyond.
Perhaps living you may be,
you are not my lady love.
Wraith, begone from this place,
my emotions betray me now.
I cannot act as I did before,
you are not my lady love.

I will retreat to yesteryear,
I seek solace in my bitter tears.
My heart must not warm to your touch.
My love is gone and you are not.
I cannot withdraw from your embrace.
My heart is broken and seeks to mend.
I can this once perhaps pretend.
My love is gone and you are not.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: departed, ghost, lost, poem

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