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Poem - Together

The poem “Together” as inspired by photo of a tall older dancer swinging with a younger shorter dancer. The older dancer was looking into the distance, focusing on the steps. The younger dancer looked up at her very different protege. The picture was taken at a contradance event, one that caters to all ages and dancing abilities. It spoke to the about the magic of dance to bridge gaps between people, chasms that would be normally uncrossed.

Poem for Day 069 – 20141201

Take my hand,
and we will dance
two different people
in harmony
with our dance.

Age does
not matter.
Gender does
not matter.
The dance
does matter.

We are
so different.
We want
the same.
We want
to dance

Take my hand,
and together
we will

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: community, dance, poem, together

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