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Poem - Forever Dance

I wanted to write a poem about dance and the relationship of the photographer to the dancer. Photography captures those dance moments that have an inner beauty appreciated long after the dance is over.

Forever Dance
Poem for Day 070 – 20141202

You danced for yourself.
The world was entranced.
The moment seemed far to brief,
with time stealing you like a thief.

I struggled to be your witness.
I sought to be your scribe.
To see you in dance ageless,
to preserve your essence expired.

My camera turned its lens to you,
seeking to witness all your beauty.
Its eyes seized on the moment
as it focused on that soon to be stolen.

A picture was captured,
the moment had passed.
Time moved forward ever more,
while you now forever dance for yourself.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, photography, poem

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