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Poem - The Red King's Way

The poem “The Red King's Way” about seeking yourself in the mirror of others. Things maybe learned about others, or yourself, but the results can be befuddling. You may seek a way back to willful ignorance. The imagery in the poem is borrowed from a celebrated story by Lewis Carroll.

The Red King's Way
Poem for Day 071 – 20141203

Peer the red king's way
and wonder what is there
beware curious viewer
what may be reflected back.
Consider him your mirror
echoing what you want
He can be what you want
while he is everything not.

His deep still waters
years in the making
repeat the surface image
while hiding deeper secrets.
Look there you are
swimming in the depths
part of his dreaming
reflecting on the surface silver.

The future is remembered
the past is forgotten
the present is cast back
in reflections most harsh.
These can be your unmaking
an unbirthday of sorts
as you ponder the mirror
staring back at your soul.

Take on the crown of lies
the gnarled twist of fates
see yourself in waters rushed
rubbing the stone most smooth.
He will hold your hand
eyes reflecting your gaze
the journey has begun
a party is held on your behalf.

Seek the words of wisdom
strewn in the rabble of logic
bantered by fools
and spoken by pawns most royal.
Messengers and sheep
shout for your attention
running by the stream
and speak of banded feathers.

Shake the red queen
disrupt the artful balance
the king will awake
and the journey will end.
Return up from the depths
to surface most placid
turned away from the vision
of your most curious dream.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dream, king, life, mirrors, poem

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