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Poem - The White Queen

The royal White Queen asks her subjects to use unbiased intelligence to make judgments in situations, drawing upon every available piece of information. Emotion is put aside when fact and logic are used to make decisions.

The White Queen's Blessing
Poem for Day 074 – 20141206

The White Queen sits
on the cherub chair.
Butterflies at the base
and a bird aloft midair.
Her left hand beckons
the other holds a sword
with one you will be tutored
the other will be your slaughter.
Approach her supplicant
put your emotions aside
tell her your thoughts
and judgment she will betide.
Exact the five W’s
what why where when what
with these your path be clear
the intellect made most true.
Beware the sword
it will cut to reveal truth.
She'll take your head
and hold it in hand.
Be independent in thought
have your own judgment
and the White Queen will bless
with discernment professed.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: poem, queen, tarot

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