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Poem - A Smile On Our Face

I really enjoy writing poems with stanzas made up of lines with five beats each. This would lend itself to song lyrics with the right tune! In this form, here is "A Smile On Our Face", a poem about dance. This walks the reader through the cycle of a dance.

A Smile On Our Face
Poem for Day 077 – 20141209

Our eyes meet as one
from across the room
dance is in our heart
a smile on our face.

Hands reach to be met
feet step to heartbeat
tally not out of reach
together are we.

Surrender our goal
essence shared in step
entwine soft embrace
hearts match in cadence.

Music is ending
dance is completed
a final quick swirl
as I embrace you.

Parting is our task
only in body
forever we will dance
a smile on our face.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, poem

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