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Dec. 11th, 2014 @ 09:53 pm Poem - Hide From the Light
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A beautiful soul shared a victory that spoke of a condition that many people share. This prompted me to write a very introspective poem. Naming a thing is the beginning to resolving the same. Thank you to my friends for being the light in my life even when I don’t want it. Warning… the poem does have trigger statements for those who struggle with self-worth.

Hide From the Light
Poem for Day 79 – 20141211

Mirror mirror
avert your gaze
show me not the
person I think I am.
Camera camera
turn away your eye
don't capture me
in this moment of being.

If I saw in me
a tenth of what you saw
it would be more
than a hundred times
what I see now.
If I believed in myself
a tenth of what you believe
it would be a thousand times
what I believe now.

I look at old photos
and see a cool person,
one that did not exist then.
I look at my friends
and see them appreciate somebody
who does not exist now.

Humanity is my illness,
the cure worse than the disease.
The world is grieved by
my continued being.
The ground screams
at my continued steps.
Self worth is the wound I hide.
Guilt is the brand I wear.

Cover the mirror,
hide the photo for another day.
Listen to others with a deaf ear,
lest they lift you up.
Hold your own council,
hanging judge will preside.
Walk lightly on the earth,
hide from the light.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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