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Poem - No Myself

An online friend ([personal profile] moonvoice ) expressed the following thought in a blog written back in 2009: “I am mostly all about gratitude, and the gentle warmth that comes from knowing that if these spirits and gods, friends and family, choose to walk in my life, maybe they get something out of my existence, just as I very much get something out of theirs.” I love this sentiment. A spiritual practitioner is never completely solitary. There is assistance, and without this assistance the practitioner is not effective. The poem “No Myself” is on this thought.

No Myself
Poem for Day 84 – 20141216

I am connected to the world through my ally.
There is a relationship that I cannot defy.
No spirits, no myself.
Though in this world I am the only person,
to connect me to all is your purpose.

Neither of us exist in this juxtaposition:
these two apparent polarities of existence.
No humility, no myself.
To be the only one and also be all
is the place where magic does enthrall.

The potential of the world is expressed
in this place of honest respect and responsibility.
No connection, no myself.
With you I shall now learn and grow
and my service to the world will now flow.

In the end I am not a solitary soul.
I have more than just belief in a vague all.
No community, no myself.
The whole informs my path and holds my hand
as I serve the world and myself.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: community, guides, shamaism, shamanic, spirits

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