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Poem - Ignorance and Divinity

I am inspired and influenced by people who have life experiences different from my own. The poem “Ignorance and Divinity” focuses on the themes of the importance of knowing somebody directly through their sharing, their bravery in in sharing, and their eventual influence on me.

Ignorance and Divinity
Poem for Day 89 – 20141221

I live my world in ignorance,
a personal point of view.
The world laughs and cries while I stand by
in my revelry of forced solitude.
Others tell me about you,
their words are poison dipped.
They struggle with ignorance worse than I,
their agenda is tinged with hatred glimpsed.
My world is so limited:
Intellectual and personal emotions combined.
I imagine what you thinking:
flawed constructs of worlds divided.
Your emotions are a cipher
as I project my feeling to you.
How can I really know the world
when I don’t know you?

Your sharing is very brave.
Your sharing is a gift to me.
You share your world, your pain and joy,
frank statements of life’s domain.
It is too easy to hide here
while the world cries on.
You remind me of my place
here in the circle of souls.
My fairy tales are dispelled,
the illusions are dispersed.
In your sharing we do connect,
seeing each others minds and souls.
You are perfectly yourself
as you are wonderfully revealed to me.
A continual work in progress,
your sharing turns the mirror to me.

Others may cry, but so do I
as we all face life’s trials.
The best and worst are confirmed
as humanity bravely struggles on.
Once my tears surrounded me
as a moat would circle a castle.
Your life has breached my defenses,
and our lives are now entwined.
Perfections and imperfections
became a mosaic of life combined.
You pull me up, I pull you up,
as we bravely struggle on.
I see what you are, and what I could be.
I see what I cannot be, and what I am.
The mirrors reflect our souls between
and this is a bridge to shared divinity.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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