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Poem - Lovely Felicity

I really like the name Felicity. To my knowledge I don't have any friends by that name! The poem “Lovely Felicity” is one of my dance poems, and as usual, a bit more.

Lovely Felicity
Poem for Day 91 – 20141223

Lovely Felicity, lady of luck,
I'll hold you close as we dance,
bring me good fortune,
lend your breath to my dice.

Chance was the guide
that led me to your arms.
In them I held captive
as we continue our dance.

Hold me very close,
our meeting must be brief.
We are in between our realms,
with time measured in repeated beats.

I come from my world,
you are from yours,
realities distinct, forgotten now
as we move in unity attained.

Your harmony defies the gap.
I may lead, but to follow is my task,
into shared passion of the dance,
in which no inhibition is asked.

Fingertips stroke my hand,
passing fancy as our eyes glance by,
a distance at arm's length
feels so close as our lips lightly touch.

Lovely Felicity, lady of hope,
hold my name to your mouth, forget me not.
Sadly our moment has passed,
but you will be forever in my heart.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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