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Poem - Dancing with Erica

Another dancing poem! Is it apparent that I've not danced enough these past weeks? This one is about a fictional persona named Erica. Dancing is an intensely personal experience even when it is done with near strangers. Likewise, an intensely connecting dance can change past strangers to a new level of acquaintance. This is its power!

Dancing with Erica
Poem for Day 92 – 20141224

How can I describe Erica,
the right kind of devil
in a divine angel's disguise?
She is the light of my life,
she is the spark in my soul.
Coy discretion is her choice.
Do not be fooled by this front,
she would rather be out of control.
No holds barred is her expression
when we are dancing together.

Red hair frames her face.
So tall and curvy at the same time.
Her duchess nose is her grace
below green pools of eyes sublime.
Complete the picture with fields of freckles
with the perfectly presented decolletage.
Add to this a supreme touch,
the thing that deity loved the most.
That is her smile, innocent and devilish,
her summoning when we are called to dance.

Come with me Erica,
the waking temptress of my dreams,
join me with me this very night
so we may explore our desires.
Shed your mask and turn to the light,
better to see who you may really be
as we reveal ourselves to each other
here beneath the moon's soft beams.
So much better to take in the beauty
as we dance with body and soul combined.

Erica has ceased to be,
now she and I are one entity.
Hand to hand, hip to hip,
we undulate to the music unheard
by an outside world no longer concerned.
Outwardly quiet notes are a mask
to strident tones beating underneath.
The sleeper stirs and merges with the one.
I am awakened, Erica is my drum,
and to that beat I will dance ever on.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, discretion, erica, poem, tempation

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