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Poem - Pieces of Life

An amazing friend posted a yearly introspective for 2014. I found it very moving and asked if I could turn their insightful words into a poem. The answer was yes, and the result is the poem “Pieces of Life”.

Pieces of Life
Poem for Day 93 – 20141225

My life fell to pieces,
so I picked them up.
I turned each one over again
and looked them in the face.
I befriended them one by one,
even the frightening ones.
They were met with love,
touched with understanding,
and through the pain came beauty
as I built up myself anew.

The pieces were linked by faith,
this too was renewed within.
I had passed on my cross for life,
placed in the tomb for death,
only to be reborn in faith
that life could begin again.
My old faith had fallen apart,
a new faith took its place.
The dying was the hardest,
but the rebirth was where I found myself.

In the end I learned life's constant:
to surrender my life to my God.
My problems, my worries,
my concerns, and my anxieties
were taken up by with God's grace.
In return I found self love,
more precious than anything else.
From the pieces I found myself,
sorted from the unnecessary given up,
and I loved life as I loved myself.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: faith, life, poem, struggle, surrender

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