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Poem - Dreaming Another Reality

I watched the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special. It touched on the reality of dreams. This got me thinking about how the difference between dreams and a waking reality can indistinguishable. That turns about to be a poem for another day. The poem “Dreaming Another Reality” is about the differences between the waking world and the dream world. For some people, those old(er), the dream world is a very different place from the waking world. This poem speaks to those differences.

Dreaming Another Reality
Poem for Day 94 – 20141226

Dream transports me
in ways most magical.
Dreams are my portal
to worlds I want to visit.

Time becomes a pathway
traveled on a whim.
I witness places from long ago
and they are reality now.

I walk with no pain.
There are no limits physically.
Age is a passing vision,
it has no function in this place.

A cast of characters meet me,
some are now long gone.
Speak to me with voices now mute,
I hear you now in this reality.

I do things that I wish
because they are possible now.
The bucket list is complete
in this dimension less discrete.

Lastly I am the hero,
fighting monsters and aliens.
I may join them to make peace,
but in the end I always win.

Could I stay here, in this place?
No, sadly I must retreat.
The magic cannot last
and to reality I must pass back.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dream, poem, reality

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