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Creative Expression

There are so many ways to creatively express oneself. I've figured out my own way of doing it through writing and poetry. Others do it through videography, music, art, lyrics, or a combination of the above. I watched Cool World ( I loved the imaginative art work, and part of me would very much like to be able to draw realities. Would I trade this for being able to write realities? Could I write a reality, via poem or prose, as powerful as the best drawn realities? I'll just have to try!

The interesting side of this thought regards how people relate to the world. Some people are visual. Others are audio. Some are touch. Each sense is a doorway to more appreciating the world. I suspect I am a terribly visual person, but I express myself through writing. I do photography, yes, and I am sufficient at it, but I don't pursue it to the length that others do. Why don't I express myself in the way that I most appreciate the world? Is it because I am not sufficient in visual expression? Perhaps, but maybe there is something else going on. What are your thoughts?
Tags: art, creativity, expression

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