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Poem - Lovely Leo

All of the astrology signs have their special characteristics. While I am terribly partial to Scorpios, I do have a thing for Leos as well. The poem “Lovely Leo” is about that kind of person born during the month of July.

Lovely Leo
Poem for Day 97 – 20141229

Lovely Leo,
you stalk my life.
Oh so near,
and just out of reach.

If I could stroke your hair,
long, wavy, and black.
Peer into your eyes,
pools of covert depth to dive.

Secret painter,
show me more.
Paint to canvas,
unlock the door.

If I could hear your songs,
joyful and mournful alike:
rejoice in sorrow, cry in delight.
Raise your voice with artistic stride.

Your dress speaks of origins
dark fey with elven touch.
Not dark in soul,
this be pure as lion's roar.

I would praise you ever,
woman of curves just right,
come to me one future night,
against passions now delayed.

So look out for me,
from shadows far,
cast your smile to me
so I may thus adore.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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