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Poem - Chosen Friends

A friend shared a blog ( about chosen family. A chosen family are friends that are an extension, or even a replacement, for biological family. The importance of these friends is that they give us three messages that we really need to hear. The poem “Chosen Friends” is about these messages. I too rarely communicate one-one-one with the majority of my friends out in the world. There are barriers, the biggest being that I am an inherently shy person, but these do not dampen the affection that I have for my friends and the strength of the messages that I would share with them.

Chosen Friends
Bonus Poem for Day 97 – 20141229

We may never dance,
or only in a blue moon,
but know that hold you
in my heart as a friend.
Many a year has passed,
or we may have just met,
but my photos do voice
the same messages to you all.

I see you,
through lens and eye.
I admire your persistence
in this life so involved.

I am proud of you,
dancer of life.
You are up to the tasks,
in this life shared by all.

I love you,
and words fail me now.
So powerful is this emotion,
I cannot fully say how.

These three statements I make,
to my friends near and far.
You are dear to me,
though I voice it not often enough.
Continue to dance, to revel,
to cry, and to laugh.
I will be at your side,
to choose you as my friend ever more.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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