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Poem - Forest Pool

I did a DAP (Dynamic Art Program) treatment of a waterfall up on Hwy 11. The result inspired me to write a poem about the temporary respites taken in life.

Forest Pool
Bonus Poem for Day 97 – 20141229

Flowing water,
forest pool,
shall I rest here,
or shall I continue on?
Waterfall white,
beckon me to your side:
to lay down by shoals,
rocks glistening wet.
I shall dive the pool,
shed my cover,
and there I will find
your gift for me.
Soft sand, warm sun,
wet water, round stones.
Hold me in your embrace,
share your pleasure with me.
Now I must leave this forest pool,
it has become time to move on.
You were my sanctuary,
but I must journey on.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: forest, poem, poetry, pool, shelter

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