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Poem - 100 Days

I originally strove to do 90 days of poetry. This changed to 100 days, and by coincidence, my journey ends on the 1st day of 2015. I wrote the poem “100 Days” to look back at the journey, consider what I've learned, and to ponder where I will go from here. Two of the things I want to really share is that a daily practice really opens a person to all of the emotions that can be expressed through an art form. There is joy, passion, sensuality, rage and grief. These are all valid and poignant. Secondly, I am heartened by hearing from people that they read my poetry. These are a blessing, but there are also many do not respond to it openly. This matters little if I am sharing part of myself and making them more aware of themselves. This is the magic of art.

100 Days
Poem for Day 100 – 20150101

I've traveled this road
for one hundred days.
I've discovered many things,
the most important myself.
You've been my companion,
urging me on,
as I've traveled this road
so long and so short.

I've crossed many hills,
and plunged many caves.
The sights have been bawdy,
sometimes quite risque.
Then I am maudlin,
consumed with hot rage.
The mood did not matter,
the art shows me the way.

What have I learned,
on this journey within?
So much is possible
if I continue to stride.
The days were a dawn
of work yet to come.
I have more to share
with a world eager to hear.

Firstly, trust that you touch
more ones that you know.
For each that is visible,
there are more that not.
They welcome your art,
and bring it into their heart.
You will not know who they are,
but they welcome what you impart.

Secondly, grow as you travel.
Art is fluid, flowing,
and has no set master.
It will bend to your will,
and you will kneel to it.
Seek new horizons,
follow the trail,
and you will be blessed
with life unrevealed.

So I pause here at crossroads,
look right and left.
Perhaps I will go forward,
but never back where I came.
The journey moves forward,
with you by my side,
and we will see more days
beyond this one hundred I've tried.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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