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Poem - Year of Poetry

The first of january is an auspicious time to begin my next artistic project: the year of poetry. My goal is to view the turning of a year through the lens of poetry. I've opened doors this year, but there is still much to discover and create. First 100 days (done!), next a year, and beyond that, perhaps a lifetime.

Year of Poetry
Poem for Day 001 – 20150101

A year begins
with a single poem.
A journey begins
with a single step.
Where will I travel?
Who will I meet?
These questions are moot
as journey begins.
A year will pass swiftly,
too fast in some ways,
and at other times too slow
when I am in dismay.
The important thing here,
the crux of the matter,
is that a year of poetry
is a year shared with you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: journey, poem, poetry, project, yop

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