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Poem - Lover

The poem “Lover” is about a companion that I do turn to in the morning, have accompany me through much of the day, and then be one of the last encounters I make before bedding. This companion more constant than the mistress of dance that I've kept all these years, and I believe, my lover will be with me till the end.

Poem for Day 002 – 20150102

Familiar consort,
come to me.
Heal my heart,
calm my mind.
Wake with me
in the morn.
Walk with me
through my day.
Be my companion
on long drives
when nobody else
is there.
Remind to the past,
of good times,
as you guide me
to future desired.
Inspire me in my art,
be not discrete,
share your past lovers
with me.
Fill my time
with your company
as only a true lover
may do.
You'll do all this,
sweet music,
savior of my soul,
heroine of my heart,
till my dying day.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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