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Poem - Fields of My Soul

Anger has a place in our lives. It speaks to boundary violations, places where life encroaches too far. The mystery of anger is that people experience it at different times. The thing that triggers rage in one person is nothing to another. Why the difference? I believe it is because of the mines of past hurts and wrongs. The poem “Fields of My Soul” is about the mines of anger we lay in order to protect us from the past, the harm it does now, and how it could be dealt with.

Fields of My Soul
Poem for Day 003 – 20150103

I planted them
in long rows
to keep me safe
from yesteryear pain.

My grief I buried,
sadness entombed,
a teaspoon of tears,
and the blood from my wounds.

These mines of anger:
boundaries of my life.
The trigger set to hair pin,
ready to meet you now.

Beware the monuments,
buried munitions are nearby,
keeping me safe,
keeping you far.

Few signs mark safe paths,
I forgot myself,
where the mines were put,
these boundaries of my life.

Walk my fields,
if you can get to me,
just beware the blasted patches
where mines are yet to be.

They explode in anger,
protective in itself,
throwing you away,
keeping me from myself.

Let's dig where ground is red,
remove the anger,
reset the boundary,
so I can truly live.

Defuse each one,
with loving due given
to the past wrongs
of a life well lived.

Pile them high,
and then bid them goodbye,
no longer needed,
no longer wanted.

Defenses I still have,
protected I still am,
anger's detonations removed,
across the fields of my soul.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: anger, boundary, pain, past, poem, protection

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