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Poem - Wheel Turns On

The twilight zone period of the holidays is ending for me as I return to work on Monday! The year begins again. I kind of know what's in store in 2015. I also know that things have been set in motion for new things. How much of the same and how much new? The outcome is largely up to me, with karmic ripples thrown in for variety. The key will be to turn from the closed past, open my heart, and receive all the blessings to come.

Wheel Turns On
Poem for Day 004 – 20150104

The wheel has turned,
renewed itself,
and now it begins again.
I expect more
of the same,
but there will be new
that I cannot intuit.
So much in flux,
so much could change,
and yet her I am,
seeking more of the same.
New friendships,
fresh adventures,
what will happen
in 2015?
There will be dancing,
this much I know,
partners embraced,
with love bestowed.
Share my life,
one and all.
Pull back the curtain,
between which I hide,
because the wheel turns on,
and to you I confide.
Hold space for me,
friends afar,
for the wheel turns on,
as I open my heart.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: 2015, poem, poetry, time, turn, wheel, year

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