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Poem - Fifty in June

I wanted to say more in my poem “Wheel Turns On”. Thinking about the past and future brings up a lot of thoughts. I put these extra thoughts aside, wanting to give them due measure. The result was “Fifty in June”. At the end of writing the second poem I realized that I may be meeting a milestone this year, but every year is a milestone to be embraced.

Fifty in June
Bonus Poem for Day 004 – 20150104

The year is new,
but I feel old.
I have an excuse
as I turn fifty in June.

Is my life half over,
by optimistic standards,
or has it merely recast
as I build on the past?

A young heart goes
with gray hair on top.
Childlike passion mixes
with wisdom's compassion.

I know more,
have more,
am more,
than ever before.

So much to do,
give back to world,
adventure new paths,
regardless of age.

So the year is new,
and so am I,
I have every reason to live
as I turn fifty in June.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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