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Poem - The Artist's Way

What value does the artist have? This question was posed on a major media sharing site. I see the artist have tremendous power, but this influence is visible to a minority, yet felt by many.

The Artist's Work
Poem for Day 005 – 20150105

Possessor of special,
magical powers.
Transform the world,
one inspiration at a time.

Perhaps doom is coming,
as foretold by the prophets,
or could there be recourse,
presented by the artist.

Speak of the past,
in tones of reverence,
look to the future,
with hope held by one.

Hearts will be captured,
chains will be broken,
history rewritten,
re-imagined for all.

So look to the artist,
hail unlikely hero,
prophets step down,
bring forth the crown.

The end has begun,
the wall brought down,
step back the artist,
your work is done now.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: artist, poem, poetry, work, world

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