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Poem - Silent Pantomine

There are those who pass out of our lives by fate or choice. Perhaps they are deceased, or we are dead to them. The end is the same: images without voice, memories without connection.

Silent Pantomime
Poem for Day 006 – 20150106

Harken to my side,
my silent pantomime.
Time has stolen your voice
from my fading memories.
Was our time together,
oh so long ago,
a reality shared by both,
or just a fairy tale of mine?
You've passed away,
or perhaps I have,
but the end result is the same,
I cannot hear you voice
telling me you love me so.

The music plays on,
a dirge lay upon my heart,
as snapshots of images
accompany your silent verse.
Were you real pantomime?
I cannot tell now,
fevered memories left behind
as you gesture across time,
frenzied stills so sublime
against the backdrop of memories.
My silent pantomime.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: loss, pain, pantomime, poem, poetry, sorrow

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