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Poem - World Calamitous

I have blogged for a number of years. This has left me with a store house of material to draw from as I pursue my poetry. This seems to be a boon, but the challenge arises from the structural differences between commentaries and poetry. The poem “World Calamitous” reaches back to a blog that began with the sentence “I don't have the answer to why bad things happen to good people. I am convinced that life can go on beyond these seemingly fated points. Choice is alive and well in the aftermath of philosophical Gordian knots.”. I feel that the poem does the topic justice, and I look forward to “translating” more of my past commentaries.

World Calamitous
Poem for Day 008 – 20150108

I was at the wrong place,
at the right time,
and stuff happened
that I do not like.
Why do things happen
to people like me?
What has life
contrived to be so mean?

Religion says I am tested,
my fervor duly measured.
Others say that fate is to blame,
and I am a victim of steps misplaced.
Perhaps it is karma,
the world's response
to the actions of my past
brought full circle to the present.

The universe is unfair,
beyond comprehension,
and we play our part
in this drama as it unfolds.
The vagueness of it all,
mystery wrapped in enigma,
is the puzzle of life
lived by you and me.

I shake my fist at God,
How dare you I say,
and deity echoes back
the rage that I had flung.
I cannot understand,
the repeated words report,
but I can respond wisely
to the arrows and slings.

Life has given you lemons: make lemonade.
Sour fruits can bestow
refreshment appreciated with satisfaction.
The key is interpretation and reaction,
(again paraphrasing the Bard)
to a sea of troubles
and the arrows of outrageous fortune.

Make a choice, do it now,
and life will go on,
the fates be damned
for their fickle plans.
The moment operational,
with choices taken and merged,
in a response that has meaning
in a world most calamitous.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: destiny, fate, poem, poetry

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