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Poem - Art as a Ledge

I wrote most of "Art as a Ledge" in 2014. It sat waiting for completion. I completed it, and I feel this is milestone of sorts. The artist is celebrated, but my reaction is "I'm just showing you the thing already there". What extra magic is in that? The magic was always there, and I just present what you know already. This "already known" is the knowledge you already have.

Art as a Ledge
Poem for Day 007 – 20150107

Let me take your pic
so I can see your world.
Let me create a vase
so I know there a lovely shapes.
My art is a ledge
across which I walk.
At the edge I peer
through the telescope at you.

Photos are the mug shots
of crimes I do not commit.
Another person's vacation album
from lands I do not visit.
The vase reminds me
of a beauty remotely glimpsed.
The painting is a rendition,
recognized only by other eyes.

I do this thing,
this artistic effort,
in order to view the world
through an imperfect lens.
I strive to create
the thing that is there,
but my work is for naught,
a mere copy of an original.

Can I step through the pic?
Can I feel the breadth of the vase?
Can I breathe the painting?
Wise muse, gifting muse,
move me past creating.
Allow me join the world imparted
by my creative urgings.
Take my hand, walk to the edge,
and leap into the your chasm.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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