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Poem - Online Footsteps

I’ve had an online presence since the BBS days of the 90s. Fidonet has given way to IM and e-mail. Some things have not changed. The relationships built online are incredibly varied. Most are incidental, many are one-sided, but a few are gems. The poem “Online Footsteps” speaks to my experience with online relationships.

Online Footsteps
Bonus Poem for Day 007 – 20150107

Footsteps flank my own,
off to the side,
in the middle distance
of shared existence.
Some are bold,
others are timid,
some are beautiful,
and some full of shame.

Listen to the voices,
carry across space
echo across time,
carry to my ears delayed.
I call back,
with a voice of my own,
I leave my tracks,
with emotion of my own.

Can they see me
as I see them?
Mute witnesses in majority
peer at me with painted eyes.
There is fleeting movement,
a glimmer of recognition.
Then the glaze returns
and I stand alone, seen by all.

Look there, a gesture,
different from the rest,
reaching to touch me with
emotion more than indifference.
This I treasure,
distant companion held close
at heart, far from touch,
you touch my mind and fill my heart.

Footsteps flank my own,
but some cross my path,
phantoms made whole
with gossamer flashing real.
They are beautiful,
some are timid,
but all are honored
as we walk through this online life.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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