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Poem - Miranda's Garden

I was searching for a poem topic while listening to the Dead Can Dance radio station on Microsoft Music. I saw an album cover by the band “Miranda Sex Garden”. How interesting! I worked the idea, wove in elements of Victorian gardening, and the result is the poem “Miranda's Garden”. The theme of the poem is that ornamentation of our lives, or selves, is both there to entertain and distract. To often it is the latter, and really getting to know a person means walking to the center of their garden, past the ornamentation, and encountering a vulnerable but truer self. I have an incredibly complex garden and I really appreciate when people have taken time to find their way to my center bench.

Miranda's Garden
Poem for Day 010 - 20150110

Flowers and weeds,
both grow with equal ease,
behind the high walls,
with an unlocked entrance gate.
Your rooms are here,
framed in the plants therein,
can I walk your halls,
and walk through vine wrapped doors?
Ornamentation is at play,
to distract and tease the eye,
look to high flower or low bush,
equal pleasure is taken in both.
You garden hides as much
as it also reveals.
The shrub mask foundation,
conifer to block the ugly view.
Where are you Miranda,
in this riot of confused art?
I see many lovely things,
but where is your loveliest heart?
Take my hand, guide me please,
through the twisting garden paths.
Turn my gaze from distraction,
lead me to your true self.
Lead me to the center bench,
be not the caretaker here,
instead reveal yourself in truest form,
your inner garden I do seek.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: garden, poem, poetry, self

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