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Poem - Spectral Friend

I am discovering one of life's inside jokes. A large number of my friends are adults half my age. They are vibrant, lovely, and mature beyond their years. They remind me of my past and the people I knew when I was that age. The poem “Spectral Friend” is about the ghosts of memory that I encounter, and their lesson to me, when I interact with my wonderful younger friends.

Spectral Friend
Poem for Day 011 - 20150111

We were all younger,
those many years ago.
You were so beautiful
with the blush of youth.

I see the same glow
in persons half my age,
your face hides behind theirs
as visions echo from the past.

They are half my age,
mentally you are the same,
ageless in the corridors
of my mocking mind.

Is it really you I see,
or do I long for remedy
to years slow march
from there to my maturity?

That is it, my spectral friend,
beautiful ghost of memory past.
We were all younger,
those many years ago.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: adult, age, aging, friend, poem, poetry, youth

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