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Poem - What I Need

I am 110% for equal marriage rights because it is so darn hard to find a partner in this world. Denying other people their chance, along with the legal and emotional protections that go with it, is mean spirited and spiteful. The poem “What I Need” is a response to the world judging a relationship, any relationship, based on a set of artificial norms.

What I Need
Bonus Poem for Day 012 - 20150112

What I need is up to me.
Who they are, what they seem to be,
is not up to you, so I'll give you a clue.
I'll choose who I want,
who will fulfill my lusts,
who will satisfy my desires.

They will dream and desire
with intimacy combined.
They will complete me,
fill in where I am empty,
and I will do the same for them
no matter their body frame.

Ignore the outward,
mine and theirs,
turn away your judging eyes,
because we love other
with a strength that defies
your probing scrutiny.

We are not here for your pleasure,
we don't seek to discomfort you,
our actions are a loving outcome
of our connection made strong.
We defy the norm, your fabled world,
but this is our space, so move along.

So here I stand, human intimate,
with those who bring me pleasure permanent,
no matter their shape or mental state.
Have you taken my clue, curious world,
judge not myself nor my mate,
the one that makes me complete.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: equal rights, marriage, poem, poetry

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