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Poem - Thursday Afternoon

I find intimacy to be a fascinating subject. It is like an iceberg, a tip at the top with the huge majority out of sight, but not out of mind. The poem “Thursday Afternoon” speaks to the guilty pleasures that sometimes fill in the gaps of “normal” intimacy.

Thursday Afternoon
Poem for Day 012 - 20150112

I've got a date,
gotta be prompt,
every week on the dot,
on Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday is too early,
the weekend is for others,
Thursday has its purpose
for home delivered service.

Slip into something comfortable,
or nothing at all,
I rest up the night before,
because I can't expect to sleep.

I bring the benefits
to my friend,
scratch their itch,
sack time a la mode.

I don't go out for dinner
when I'm eating in with them.
Twelve courses laid out,
and then we'll start again.

Afternoon darkens to night,
we don't have anywhere to go,
we're both already here,
so let's say hello to the morn.

Visiting time is over,
exit from the building now,
just be sure to come on back
next Thursday afternoon.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: hook-up, intimacy, poem, poetry

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