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Poem - Contents are Human

I give my fellow human being a lot of latitude because of the fact that they are terribly human. The poem “Contents are Human” is about the challenges we humans face, and a sobering concluding statement to put the whole thing into perspective.

Contents are Human
Poem for Day 013 - 20150113

contents are human,
primitive surfaces,
soft shoulders,
blind curves,
steep grade.

contents are human
construction in progress
beware pedestrians
children at play
slippery when wet.

contents are human
under pressure
live current.

So many warnings
for a condition most mortal.
There is only one remedy
for this dire situation corporeal.
Live each day to the fullest,
embrace your fellow travelers with only love
because we are all terribly human
and nobody gets out of here alive.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: condition, human, poem, poetry

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