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Poem - Shade of Memory Past

Social dancing, and the relationships that spring from it, are a momentary blessing. Unfortunately life goes on, people move on with life, and we lose the treasured dancers of today. The poem “Shade of Memory Past” is about the unfortunate transitional qualities of dancing, and life in general.

Shade of Memory Past
Poem for Day 015 – 20150115

We were natural dancers,
borne to play the part,
our dance was closer than arm's length,
bodies matched to the task.
Where I ended, and you began,
blurred as we found our beat.
The music of the band started
our syncopation of the heart.

The dancing mellowed,
matured as we found our place,
it should have lasted forever,
but by villainous time we were betrayed.
Time once marked our dancing in hours,
the recesses between in days.
Now it uses the calendar
to mark the months I've not seen your face.

Our season passed, the wheel turned on,
I have your company no more,
my arms once held you close,
and now they hold another in your place.
I dance with others,
they play their part,
but their dance is poor copy
to the ways our bodies did embrace.

Father Time, you've had your trick.
return my dancer to their place.
Bring them to my side post haste
and I will forgive your rude surprise.
I had found a partner, more than that,
with whom I was destined to dance.
It seemed we were to be partners evermore,
but now I dance with a shade of memory past.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem, poetry, separation, social dancing

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