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Poem - Dance of the Foolish Masters

Dancing, especially social dancing, can be a challenging experience.  Be you the asker or the askee, the act of talking to a stranger and then getting on the dance floor with them, can be an incredible hurdle.  So much seems to be at stake.  I have to let everyone in on a secret.  The purpose of dancing is not to look the best or get dances with the most glamorous people.  The purpose of dancing is to connect, and in the end, just to get a smile from another person as you do something incredibly special with them.

Dance of the Foolish Masters
Bonus Poem for Day 015 – 20150115

How shall I dance tonight,
with so much is at stake?
I may look the fool,
or dance like a fish.
Reputations made,
disgrace proclaimed,
tonight I could dance,
if I were only brave.

Look to the floor,
the foolish are there,
along with the masters.
How to tell these apart?
The former have no fear,
the latter this too!
Perhaps they are the same,
foolish masters lead the way!

Would you dance with me?
Lead me to the floor.
Only we will be here,
this is enough for me.
Throw caution to the wind,
and just return my smile.
I'll dance for you,
and you can dance for me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: connection, dance, dancing, poem, poetry, smile

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