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Poem - Art of my Soul

I was looking through pictures on Tumblr and came across some wonderful tats. These inspired me to write the poem “Art of my Soul”. I hope fully express the magic that tattoos bring to whose who wear this art!

Art of my Soul
Bonus Poem for Day 016 - 20150116

Marks of time, lashes of the soul,
each has a story
with the commonality of me.

Flash was the source,
stencil transfers the pattern,
through pain I receive the stain.

Symbols branded in ink,
visions of my inner self turned outward,
anguish and humor swirl about.

My life laid before you,
behold my passions, my fears,
proclaimed in script of the skin.

They speak louder than words,
voices that can only be quieted
when you close your eyes.

They are forever with me,
ink and dot, lines combined
into the art of my soul.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: art, identity, poetry, self, soul, tat, tattoo

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