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Poem - Bird of the Moment

Living in the moment, it is hard to do sometimes! I find that intuition provides a powerful tool for finding the place to be in the now.

Bird of the Moment
Poem for Day 017 - 20150117

Where I've been, where I'm going,
two sides of life's coin revealed,
heads, look to the past,
tails, forward to a future unknown.

Coin flips to stand on side.
Neither direction shall answer the cast.
The moment, now, is where I stand,
in between future's life and past's death.

Black and white ravens, Odin's allies,
what message do you bring this day
to me on the crossroads of roads intertwined
underneath the high noon sun?

"You have caught us in your coin,
Our message is this, heed your cast:
Look not to the future,
return not to the past".

In between worlds, single eye on the path,
stake the moment for my own.
call allies for the eternal hunt,
wolf and raven come here to me.

Thank the coin and praise the bird,
wise auguries of synchronicity,
bend the space and fold the time,
cast light to dark and move ever on.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: bird, moment, poem, poetry, reality

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