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A Path Dream

Somebody very dear to me had a powerful dream. I found that the possible interpretation was very instructive for all those (including myself!) on paths of life. The dream and my response are below.

The Dream
I am in a house/retreat center with 13 other people, plus our teacher and a woman assistant. It is morning around 7AM. We are in the Kitchen/eating area. She tells us we are taking a short hike that morning and for everyone to meet outside on the porch. I tell her I need to change my shoes and socks to hiking boots. She tells me I don't have enough time and they won't wait for me, don't make the teacher angry. I tell her cannot hike/walk in the shoes I am wearing and I will hurry.

I grab my boots and heavy socks and am sitting at the table where there is a newspaper size sheet describing three types of hiking trails. It says that the white trail is taken if there are no questions and trust. The trail is one mile, very scenic, minimum difficulty. If he says The Purple Trail is taken if there is doubt and questions, 3 miles, moderate difficulty. Then there is the green trail, five miles, extremely difficult.

Then our teacher walks up to me and asks what the delay is. I told him I was not prepared and I needed to put on hiking boots. When he asked me why, I said I thought they were necessary. He then said we were taking the Purple Trail and not the White Trail. Some of the others started to complain. He asked me where I was going and I said if we are taking the Purple Trail I also wanted to grab a water bottle. He looked at me for a moment and said, "we are taking the Green trail, you should get some water to carry with you".

What does it mean?
There is a theme of trust tied to personal intepretations of "preparation". Some people would say that a mile hike could be done in tennis shoes or even sandels. You were told that an early morning hike needed to leave ASAP. "Come on, get going" was the message. Even though you knew it was short, you went inside to better prepare. The information on the table indicated that more questions/doubt leads to a harder journey.

The challenge is that of trusting the process. Questioning the process, not trusting the initial foundation of the journey, leads to an increase in difficulty in the journey. The answer is almost one of, "So, you have your boots and water. We might as well put them to use!". The response to unsurity of a path are the questions, "are you sure you want that? are you sure that's how the world works? are you ready to manifest this?".

What is the purpose of taking the Purple and Green paths? There are lessons on all paths. I can only guess that lesson may be "that water is not needed". The preparations are realized to be truly extra, and trust in the foundation is restored. Let's put this in a format that you are familiar with. Let's suppose a person is asked to construct an energy wall. They could take the white path - merely willing the energy wall into creation and kick back with some anime. They could take the purple path - burning incense in a censor, clearing the area, and then using a wand to summon the wall. Lastly, the person could take the green path - wait until the full moon, draw the proper symbols on the floor, executing the LBR three times, wearing the black gown with purple thread, burning the candles prepared for six months, summoning a minor demon, and then summoning the wall. Each person can successfuly create the energy wall. Each person is tasked with properly use the tools that they bring to the task. There is no punishment involved. It is only an asking for a person to take responsiblity for their intentions/expectations.

The neat part about the dream is that you are being offered the simple path first. If it were done over, you could easily take the mile walk in your house shoes. You'd be back in time for a nice breakfast. Believe me, not everyone is offered the easy path first!

Your comments on the dream or my interpretation are appreciated. The dreamer would appreciate the feedback!
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