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Poem - Demon of Desire

My demon of desire is shopping, and the hoard-like acquisition of things. My self-imposed therapy is going cold-turkey from feeding this demon. My poem “Demon of Desire” speaks to my journey, though it can also speak to many other addictions.

Demon of Desire
Bonus Poem for Day 018 - 20150118

You've had your fill,
sup'd on me,
demon of desire,
set me free.
Illusion offered,
happiness denied,
only you benefit
from my disease.

Feed it enough,
perhaps it will leave.
Lying foe laughs,
there is no reprieve.
I am a prisoner
chains on my hands.
Your appetites
create cage complete.

Addiction feeds you,
latched on my back,
I live now
for demon's delight.
Life becomes chill haze,
lived only for the fix.
Little exists between
the feeding of the beast.

How do I escape you
resident demon of mine,
lodge you from my soul
so I can lead my life?
Starve you I will,
remove the food you need,
nurture I will not,
and you will be deceased.

True life will fill
the void you created.
The desire will be stripped
and every day you will fade.
Demon of desire,
prisoner no more am I.
I've broken your illusion,
with happiness of my own.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: addiction, demon, desire, poem, poetry

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