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Poem - Stars of River Falls

The poem “Stars of River Falls” is about my home contradance hall, River Falls Lodge in Marietta SC (outside of Greenville SC) The rafters are strung with lights, and in my B&W photos they do look like stars in the sky. I have to say, and I am probably terribly biased, but the hall sports some of the most beautiful dancers I've ever seen. The regal beauty seen there during dances is breathtaking indeed!

Stars of River Falls
Poem for Day 019 - 20150119

To join beneath stars,
twinkling witnesses
to our dance together
here at River Falls.
You are in my arms.
I am enraptured,
joyful companion
to a dream made real.

Beauty enfolds you,
an extension of your dance.
Regal you are,
with stars above your crown.
Majestic companion,
the lights are your subjects,
flashing recognition
of loveliness presented below.

This night may end,
our dancing may cease,
but know the stars await
our return to this magic place.
I'll meet you again beneath
the stars at River Falls.
They will shine to show
the one I'll dance with once again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dancers, dancing, poem, poetry, river falls

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