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Poem - Death Rides

I have over 150 poems to my name now. A friend asked when I was going to publish a book of poetry. I do intend to, and their question got me thinking of the particulars of this action. I’ve embraced many themes in my poetry, but two that stand out are dancing and death. Because of this I can imagine the title of the book to be “Dancing and Death”. I wrote the poem “Death Rides” to celebrate the conjoining of these two themes.

Death Rides
Poem for Day 022 - 20150122

Death rides tonight
on black horseback.
We dance in greeting,
under the bright moonlight.

Look to the bawdy stars,
strip my soiled rags,
I am yours tonight,
here in your consuming arms.
Stroke the mane,
light the candle.
We are babes new borne
to dance in Death's domain.

Turn eyes upward,
look to the angels high,
while our dance combines
our energies below.
Black ewe, white ram,
consorts to Death's prance,
slain to bring about
the passing of each masters' desire.

Cessation of self,
termination of separation,
Death aid us tonight,
in our dance of delight.
No space in between,
Death bring your mercy,
grace of dance complete,
wash us clean in effort spent.

Death rides tonight,
he bears his gift for us.
I am to dance in your arms,
to have a little death with you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, death, poem, poetry, sex

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