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Poem - Invisible Threads

The poem “Invisible Threads” is about our unilateral connections with the world. They are indistinct, sometimes invisible, but this does not lessen their authenticity.

Invisible Threads
Poem for Day 023 - 20150123

I thought I was alone,
so few faces in front of me.
I thought I could undue
this reality of only me.

Feel a tug, invisible thread,
across the web of life.
Far person, sight unseen,
holds me in their hands.

Could this be authentic?
Where is the proof for this?
I see nobody in front of me,
no stamp of authenticity.

Do I speak to you?
I do not know.
My life is shared
if I touch your soul.

The thread quivers again,
a connection unnoticed before.
Shyness is your refrain,
but the connection is there all the same.

I thought I was alone,
and now I know I’m not.
Invisible threads, looping out,
impacting reality far from me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: authentic, connections, poem, poetry, relationships

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